12/8/2019 Peace in a World of Turmoil Psalms 72:1-7, 18-19 Isaiah 11:1-10
12/15/2019  Hearing and Seeing Matthew 11:2-11 Isaiah 35:1-10
12/22/2019  What’s in a Name? Matthew 1:18-25 Isaiah 7:10-16
12/24/2019 Christmas Eve Service
12/29/2019 Our Older Brother Psalms 148 Hebrews 2:10-18
1/5/2020 Glory Days Isaiah 63:7-9 Luke 2:22-40

Time is a precious gift that God gives to us so that we may have time for family and friends; time for happiness and peace; time for love and joy; time for worship, thanksgiving, and praise of Him, the Giver of Time.

Pea Ridge United Methodist Church is part of the larger United Methodist denomination. Each of our members and visitors is on a faith journey of some sort.  Many are mature in their faith while others are just beginning that journey … and we know that God meets us wherever we are on that journey.

Visiting a new church, or re-connecting after a long while, can be an uncomfortable, and often confusing, experience. We’ll work hard to make you feel welcome and to make your worship experience fulfilling.

We celebrate communion one Sunday a month as part of the worship service. Pea Ridge United Methodist Church has an open communion tradition in which anyone who seeks to be in a relationship with God is welcome at the table, but if you’d rather not receive communion, that’s fine. If you have trouble getting around, the communion servers will bring the communion elements to you.